I am Eve, and I am the owner, blogger, and designer of Designing with Eve.  I came up with ‘Designing With Eve’ while brainstorming with some other bloggers, we tried everything, but nothing seemed to work for me. While simple, this seems to work perfectly!   I am a 28 year old in North Central Florida (USA) and I have been designing websites since 1998.  In 2001 I went to college in California for computer programming and design, since then I have been doing some freelance work and lots of projects for myself.

I have taken many design and coding courses over the years to keep up to date on the newest and coolest design practices.  On the rare times I am not working at the computer you will usually find me spending time with my family or reading something on my Sony Reader; anything from design training books to great fiction novels by Steven King, Dean Koontz, etc.

To this day, my favorite part of designing is seeing the finished product. There is nothing more exiting in design than to see ideas come to life!