Branching out into SEO and Social Media

I am a web designer, I love to work with code, graphics, and layout. I am not a SEO Guru, or a social media expert- not by any means, but I know some! As of today I am in the market for a partner, a social media guru, a search engine expert, a promotion maven, whatever you want to call him/her, I am looking for them! The plan is to partner with someone that is amazing at what they do, and to offer their services to both new and past clients. So that along with my design and development skills, we will now create super optimized, fast loading, high ranking, top of the world amazing, beautiful professional sites! (Like that huh? You want one for yourself? Head on over to my quote page and we can set you up! (insert cheezy wink here)

I want someone that reads blogs like Social Implications for fun and really understands what they are reading. (Just kidding, that site is actually very helpful to even beginners in Social Media, see the article on Social Media Monsters for a good read!) Someone who is easy to talk to, not so business like that you feel you are nothing more than a number. Someone multi-talented, someone that can offer something to clients for less than a grand a pop, and someone who above all, loves what they do! This person will take over the SEO for this site, as well as post regular blog posts on topics they cover, someone that will not laugh (out loud) when they see an email time-stamped 3am with a subject line like “Have an Awesome Idea – we might CHANGE the world!” Cause I tend to get a lot of those late at night and would love someone as business minded as myself to look into these hair-brained ideas with me- we MAY just hit on the next big thing- you never know!

I am not looking for someone that wants to charge crazy amounts for things they can’t even list… You would be surprised, in helping my mother research good SEO for her Consulting Business, it seemed the more they charged the less their list of services made sense. It was so hard to figure out exactly what you were getting for $500 or more (a month!) My new partner will be able to say exactly what they do, and do exactly what they say. If you think you are that person, or you know that person- let me know!