Got Questions about Commenting Methods?

It is sitting there scared and along ready for you to visit and ‘vote’! 🙂 You can vote by commenting (relevant comments please, no generic “great post” comments- they won’t count- and then you would be ‘That Guy’!) You can also vote by Tweeting the link- simply hit the retweet button on the post or copy/paste the tweet below. You will also be helping me a lot by digging, stumbling, sharing, etc. etc. I am really exited to see how this turns out- I don’t see my entry winning amongst the other entrants, they are much more active in the social media scene than I am so if I can even get close I will feel it’s a success!

Visit my post, titled “Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ When Commenting” and help support me in my quest to become rich and famous! 🙂 You can easily copy/paste the tweet below to help spread the love too!

Help Eve win by commenting/tweeting her entry at the @FamousBloggers Writing Contest : Don’t Be “That Guy”

I am in the process of entering a new writing contest at CommentLuv, it is the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest.  The rules are pretty simple and the topic is a great one.  If you have any questions at all about anything relating to comments then you will find your answer in the submissions.  Everyone is to write an article about something to do with commenting, lots of ground to cover in that subject so I am exited to see the results.

I will be working on my entry tonight and as soon as it is submitted and posted to the contest site I will be needing your support by commenting, twittering, etc. It is sure to be an experience, I am in it more for that than the winning, while it would be great to win, it is a popularity contest and those are hard to compete in- especially when many of the contestants are social media pro’s.   Anyway, go check it out, and see the great sponsors below! Let me know if you enter as well so I can help your entry as well!