My Ah-Ha Moments

I was reading an article recently, The CSS Ah-Ha moment, and it asked a question- What is your Ah-Ha moment?  This brought back so many memories for me,  many from when I first started designing and figured out what the basic tags were meant to do and was able to type up a basic website in something like notepad and have those lines of funny looking words make a page that actually looked good!

When I am brainstorming layouts or elements for a project, the fact that I may not know how to accomplish this ‘idea’ of mine does not pose a problem.  This of course usually leads to more work for me only because instead of using skills I already have I force myself to try new things to accomplish what I want.  In the end it is worth the extra time, because when you learn something new, not just ‘copy and paste’ you get the satisfaction of a ‘Ah-Ha’ moment all over again! I am then able to recreate the same idea in different ways because I really understood how to do it.

No matter what field you work in, or what you spend your time doing, you should make it a point to learn something new everyday. You don’t have to learn big things, like figuring out physics, but you should try to expand your brain daily- new words, new cleaning methods, new designlogo1 theories, anything that you didn’t already know counts. Having a ‘word a day’ calendar is a great start, and always remember, no matter how smart you are, you STILL don’t know everything. To me, a person that can admit that fact is 100% smarter than those that cant.